Our story

As medical students, our founding team has seen firsthand how barriers in access to care create divides among people and infringe upon healthier and happier living. We have also seen how transformative healthcare innovation can be, and believe in the power of collaboration and creativity to make lasting differences. 


In the summer of 2020, through the generous support of the Clinton Foundation via its COVID-19 Student Action Fund, Innovations in Access to Care (IAC) was formed to unite and synergize medical student interests in ideating and building solutions that improve health for inadequately served patient groups in and outside of clinical settings. Since its inception, we have enjoyed conducting an ongoing annual conference series highlighting unmet needs and unexplored opportunities for specific patient populations at a time.


 As we look to the future, we are excited for opportunities to help eager students get plugged into energizing opportunities, whether it be through pro-bono consulting efforts or existing project ideas supported by funds and/or mentorship. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you would like to learn more or help out in any way!

Our Mission

Through strategic programming, network facilitation, pro-bono healthcare innovation consulting, and a “Thinkubator” (our idea accelerator program), IAC hopes to play a leading role in advancing high-impact solutions that empower others with access to care.

Our Leadership Team

Zuhayr Shaikh

Founding Member
MD/MBA Student, c/o 2025 @ UVA

Michael Salomon, M.D.

Founding Member
PGY1 Resident, Anesthesiology @ Cleveland Clinic

Tien Comlekoglu

Founding Member
MD/PhD student @ UVA

Mira Sridharan

MD Student, c/o 2024 @ UVA

Samarth Doshi

MD Student, c/o 2024 @ UVA

Kelley Mark

MD Student, c/o 2023 @ UVA