What we do:

Strategic Programming

Through our annual conference series and upcoming speaker series, we hope to captivate problem solvers by shedding light on pressing unmet needs faced by inadequately served patient populations (low-income, limited English proficiency, disability, incarcerated, to name a few)

Network Facilitation

We are excited for opportunities to connect individuals who are passionate about problem solving in resource-constrained environments! Our network spans multiple countries and feature individuals from law, technology, clinical healthcare, public health, and more.

Pro-Bono Healthcare Innovation Consulting

Our large network of talented students and professionals enjoy offering time and expertise for projects by organizations supporting underserved patients. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any inquiries.

Thinkubator (Coming Soon)

IAC is laying groundwork for the support of early-stage medical student community projects. We hope that mentorship, resources, and network within our organization can help augment and facilitate creative solutions for problems faced by inadequately served populations. Please do not hesitate to get in contact to learn more!

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